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Sportswear with your logo,special event or recognition prominently displayed is a proven method of promotion. An investment in advertising wearables, creates a lasting presence within your community, social or corporate world.

How many times have you received a freebee that you've never worn or you've given away? Ummme ...think about it! We can put together that wearable that people will want to wear everyday, and for years to come...To us, it's not just a wearable, it's a walking advertisement. It's your identity! We treat it as art! It's you, but it's also us! If you look good, we look good. We do for you what we would do for us!

At Jim Canie Design we will provide for you a product that clients, employees, volunteers and participants will wear proudly everyday for years to come. Why? Because quite simply, it will look good and so will you!